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  • Sarah Nannery

We're Writing a Book!

It brings me great joy to share that we - my husband and I - wrote a book! =)

Together, we are writing about our learning and growth through our shared experience of Autism - me from my ASD perspective and my husband from his "neurotypical" perspective. Our lives have been and continue to be an incredible, challenging, and rewarding journey, and we are thrilled to have the chance to share with others some of the wonderful discoveries we have made along the way.

Judging by the Cover: Pre-Order the Book

The book, called What to Say Next: Successful Communication in Work, Life, and Love with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is set to come out in April 2021 in time for Autism Month, published by Tiller Press of Simon & Schuster. (Holy cannoli! It's really happening!)

Here is a link to the pre-order page - - where you can order it now before it even goes on sale in the book store!

Judging by the Contents: What's Inside?

A lot of what I have been sharing on this blog will find its way into the book, but most of it is going to be new concepts and in-depth strategies for how to navigate professional life, love life, social life, parenting, and more with Autism Spectrum Disorder - or simply with a more analytical-type brain than is considered mainstream.

When I first started this blog, it was because so many of the people I talked to about my personal struggles with communication had their own versions of the same struggles, whether they had ASD or not. It seemed like a great way to both share my own experiences and learnings, and to gain insight from others going through similar challenges.

It was so hard - and still is - to find resources on how to both be Autistic and successfully navigate wooly concepts like office politics and spousal "mind-reading" and being an ASD parent of an ASD child - All resources that I have been looking for to help me be more successful in my own life. And now, my husband and I can share the things we have learned (so far) in a book that will, we hope, become one of the resources that people like us need!

The other really cool thing I just want to say here is that we need this - we need more resources for Autistic people written by Autistic people. We have a lot of resources out there written about us by people - many very knowledgeable, credible, and genuinely wonderful people - but people who do not have Autism. I am looking forward to being one more voice in the tide that is changing that fact.

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