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  • Sarah Nannery

Welcome to my blog

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Hello! My name is Sarah. I’m a cis-gender woman, parent, and professional, and at age 31, I was diagnosed with what used to be referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome, but since 2013 is now looped under the broader term of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Welcome to My Blog: Quirky & Bright

With this blog, I am exploring this part of my life further, delving into current and past experiences related to Autism that may be shared by many other women (and perhaps men and non-binary) who are on or close to the spectrum. There is still so much misinformation out there in the world about Autism, and I feel that the more first-hand voices of people who are Autistic enter the space, the more the world will come to understand and accept that an ASD brain is the same as any other brain - just different, like we all are.

As you read, you will find posts about what it is like to grow up with Autism, what it is like to be the Autistic parent of an ASD toddler with a neurotypical** husband, tools I have found useful in learning how to communicate and interact with a neurotypical world, and my own thoughts on current topics, books, and resources relating to Autism. I hope you will find something useful, comforting, challenging, intriguing, or enjoyable, and I hope you will leave a comment or send me an email to share your own thoughts and experiences.

This is a safe space.

Please know that I will delete comments that are disrespectful toward me or to readers and commenters here. Differing opinions, thoughts, and perspectives are welcome and encouraged - disrespect is not. You can safely say what you want to say in a respectful way. If you feel you have been disrespected by someone else’s comment, or by something I have shared, please let me know in a private email.

This is a conversation.

Yes, these blog posts will be mostly experiences from my own life, thoughts from my perspective, and interpretations, insights, and questions unique to me. But what is a blog post if not a conversation starter? Without interaction and connection, we can never grow. I share my thoughts here in order to open the door for you to share yours - comment, share, question - I want to hear from you!

This is just the beginning!

I have been quiet, quirky, and bright all my life.

In May of 2019, I decided - after 30-odd years of being "different" (as we *all* are), and a particularly challenging 2+ years as I became a mother and my career blossomed - to put a more visible face to my experiences as they relate to ASD. The things I have learned - and am still learning - have already sparked valuable insight in friends and family who experience the world in similar ways, ASD or not. With their encouragement, and my own inner drive for connection, I am beginning this journey with you.

Welcome to the journey. Let's get started!


**Note: Throughout this blog, I will use the term "neurotypical" to refer to non-ASD-affected people, brains, and behaviors. This term, however, is of course not fully accurate, as everyone's brain is different, ASD or not, and just as with ASD-linked brains, no two neurotypical brains will be the same, either. The term, often abbreviated as "NT," is widely used as the closest approximation of an antithesis for ASD-linked people, brains, and behaviors - in order to simplify conversation - but by no means is meant to generalize or categorize beyond simply a differentiation between a person/brain/behavior that is affected by ASD and one that is not.



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