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Odd Girl Out
by Laura James
Seal Press, 2018

I found Laura James's story incredibly inspiring, comforting, and enlightening. A successful journalist in the UK, Laura was diagnosed later in life with Autism. Each person is unique and will have their own experiences with ASD, but many of Laura's descriptions of her life and perspective gave me that sense of not being alone in the world. Read more of my thoughts about Laura's book on my blog. Listen to an interview with Laura from MPR News.

ASD and Long-Term Relationships book ima
ASD and Long-Term Relationships
by Ashley Stanford
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014

This book has been truly invaluable in bringing to my husband and I a mutual understanding and co-ownership of how my ASD brain and his "neurotypical" brain manifest together in love. Read more about what I found most helpful on my blog. Ashley writes most of the book with the autistic man in mind, but the vast majority of her insights, tools, and strategies are applicable to both partners regardless of gender.

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The Journey Through Autism

Ethan Hirschberg, a young man with Autism, shares his experiences and thoughts.

Actually Autistic Bloggers List LOGO.png
The Actually Autistic Blogs List

A curated list of blogs that are written by people who are experiencing autism first-hand.

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Geek Club Books

Resources for individuals, families, educators, advocates - almost daily blog posts from diverse authors - a go-to resource for Autism awareness.


Near-daily posts from many diverse ASD voices - all cutting edge, highly relevant topics.

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Why Autistic Women Seem 2-Faced.jpeg
VIDEO: Why Autistic Women Seem 2-Faced
by Samantha

Samantha's video on NeuroClastic offers an insightful perspective on Autistic "masking." Read more of my thoughts on my blog.

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