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Sarah Nannery

Quiet, Quirky, and Bright - A Woman on the Spectrum

I'm blogging about Autism, Aspergers, life, books, and being a woman on the spectrum. Come sit with me for a cup of tea and some quiet, quirky reading time.

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Join me for a stroll through the interwebs to have some quirky fun. You'll find photos, videos, and audio content to enjoy.


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Click through for my thoughts on Autism/Neurodiversity books, articles, videos, blogs, websites, and organizations that I have found along the way, including links to explore.


ASD and Long-Term Relationships

by Ashley Stanford


Hi! I'm quiet, quirky, and bright. My name is Sarah Nannery. I'm a cis-gender woman, mother, and writer. I have suspected all my life, and now know, that I have Asperger's Syndrome - or what is now looped in under the broader term of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Recently have I begun to explore this aspect of my life more deeply. This website and blog are the public side of that exploration, where I plan to share my own experiences in the hope that others who are on a similar path will find common ground.


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